Driver misses freeway exit, causes another car to flip, then merrily drives off

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“How can I be an even bigger arsehole? Wait … wait… got it!”


I drive really slow in the ultra fast lane,
While people behind me are going insane.


I spend far too much time watching the clips in that sub.

You can see the driver of the rollover van introducing increasingly over-compensated control inputs to his steering wheel, leading to an out of control situation.

They don’t teach land vehicle drivers how not to do that, because outside of high speed sudden maneuvering, and driving in wet and icy conditions, it’s rare to encounter situations where you’d end up over-compensating like that; 4 wheeled vehicles are pretty stable.

If you learn to fly an airplane, however, you spend your first several weeks learning how NOT to over compensate, lest you end up in a “pilot induced oscillation”. The most common scenario is holding a steady altitude – it takes a bit of time to figure out how not to carve a big sine wave vertically through the sky.


When I learned to drive a car, my teacher spent time on the best way to correct a mistake/avoid an accident. The lesson she gave was that mistakes/unexpected things will happen, but choose the option that puts yourself and others at least risk. It helps drivers learn to avoid the same scenario in the future - and increases the chance they’ll live to tell the tale.

That advice saved my life more than once. I live in an area with a large deer population and a lot of two lane roads that run through tracts where they live. If one jumps out, some drivers will turn into oncoming traffic and cause an even worse collision. Others will veer off the road and hit whatever is there (trees, poles, fences, bodies of water, etc.). The few times I’ve encountered them, I was able to focus and stay in my lane because of those lessons. I wish more drivers got that type of instruction.


Looks like the car behind wasn’t paying attention–it looks like they had enough space to stop.

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