Over-zealous German cop slaps parking ticket on car sculpture


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Could be he just had a sense of humor?

Oh, Germany? Nevermind.


The police was just playing along. They thought, this piece of art is a car, and a car needs a parking ticket.

Makes perfectly sense to me.


So did Wurm tell the cop to go get bent?


If I were him I’d pay it. If it weren’t for that ticket, his art would have likely only been seen by locals. Now it’s gone viral and his name is everywhere. I have no idea how much 33lbs is equatable to in dollars, but I’ll bet it’s still cheap advertising.


There was no way for the cop to know that this was art. It has a valid license plate and all. Might just be a shitty parking job.


The Germans don’t use pounds, they use kilograms. So about 15 kg (at sea level).


Yes; Germans do. The myth of Teutonic humourlessness is just that - a myth. German humour just tends to be rather deadpan. Putting a parking ticket on a sculpture would fall into this category.

Also, German parking tickets are reasonable. I once parked by mistake in a pay space and didn’t notice the meter, in a small town in Bavaria. When I got back I had a parking ticket - for about $3. In Germany, parking tickets are not a source of revenue for the a corrupt town administration.

Corrected due to comment by @art_carnage


I’d have ticketed it too, just for giggles.


Without a parking ticket, the art was incomplete. Being art does not change the responsibility of the cop. Illegally parked is illegally parked, no matter the artistic merit of the vehicle.


Lovely Rita, POLITESSE!, doesn’t have the same ring to it really. But I’m sure it was for giggles.


Americans have a sense of humor too, it just tends to involve mocking other people and cultures. It’s okay though, I’m of German descent! I spent time in Germany! Some of my best friends are German! :smiley:


Sorry, going off on a tangent here: this reminded me of an American comic making a joke on that trope that Germans have no sense of humor. Saying that the Germans didn’t even get The Three Stooges, said in a German accent, “Why do they call this man Curly, he doesn’t even have any hair?”


This is apparently considered art in Australia although I don’t see a ticket on it


Of course, it’s a collection of awful stereotypes, but still funny, in context…


Then how does the corrupt town administration fund itself?


I hear “The Thinker” got a ticket for public nudity and loitering.



Hmm. That’s a bit dated…


If he weren’t already an internationally famous and exhibited artist. Which he is.