Traffic wardens gave two parking tickets to car with a dead man in driver's seat


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I don’t see the problem. He was illegally parked, wasn’t he? You can’t just let people off parking tickets because they have a dead body in the driver’s seat owing to the Law of Unintended Consequences; pretty soon everybody would be carrying a dead body around in the trunk for convenience in parking. Shares in auto refrigeration companies, on the other hand, will be a sound investment.


Perhaps they thought that it was just an art exhibit.


Most likely, had him figured for a homeless person, figured it was pointless to inquire further. It’s hard to fault him for the oversight.


Good thing it was just a traffic cop and not a real cop. A real cop would have seen a sleeping man in the car and pumped a few rounds into him.


Where’s the source link?


Just put the “boot” on his car already, obviously he’s never gonna pay those tickets.



Maybe they figured two tickets was already a stiff fine.


In NYC it’s “meter Nazi”. “Traffic Warden” is common across the pond.


The whole situation is mortifying. It’s the first time my cousin Ike had ever seen such news.


Here’s the link to the Biebuzz article as mentioned (BUT NOT LINKED TO AT ALL, @frauenfelder ) in the article:




One of those tickets was for passing in a no-passing zone.


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