Overdubbed Vader star recommends voice lessons to acting hopefuls


Now i will kill you until you die from it!

It’s easy to forget that Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker was played by five actors over the course of six films. (Or three actors over the course of three watchable films.)


You are correct. Easy to forget.

Can we get a confirmation on David Prowse’s height?

He wasn’t that West Country…

Of all of them my favorite is Eddie Izzard. He was both Darth Vader and Jeff Vader.


Looking back across Lucas’ work, I can’t imagine that he was giving Prowse much directorial input. Maybe he could have made Hayden Christensen performance better with a little overdubbing.

His delivery wasn’t the main problem. Sir Lawrence Oliver couldn’t have saved dialogue like the “I don’t like sand” speech.

Okay, done taking my digs at Lucas.

Reminds me of this for some reason.

What sucks is, as I understand it, no one told Prowse they were going to dub Vader’s voice. He found out like everyone else when he sat down to watch the film. How humiliating.

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Oi’ve got a brand new def starr, me babber

Dave Prowse has a Bristolian accent not a West Country accent. #onlyimportanttobristolians

My favourite Bristol accent is the bristolian/Jamaican mix you get round St Pauls.
Bloody kids nowadays all sound like their from london though. innit.

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