WATCH: Darth Vader, multilingualist


Hebrew guy is phoning it in there…


The way Russians dub over the English version of movies is amazing :frowning:

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It’s like their driving, they just don’t care. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As a dub actor I find really entertaining listening to other languages dubs, the techniques* used in each country differ greatly, usually for obscure half forgotten reasons.

*Not only the dubbing itself, but the translation, the adjustements to fit mouth movements, the adaptation of the text to local customs, actor’s intonation and acting, recording quality and sound mixing.

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By the way, « Luke, je suis ton père » is (was?) a French meme:

Ich bin dein vater!

Is it too early to invoke Godwin’s law? Because Darth Vader was even worse than Hitler!


I didn’t want to say anything but it really stood out how much more evil Darth Vader sounds in German.

It’s probably OK for me to say that. I have an English accent, which is, like, officially the second or third most evil accent.

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