Star Wars: Episode III, redubbed using the English subtitles from a pirated Chinese edition


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This went viral in 2005, before YouTube was a thing. The full movie is here.


if you had told me George Lucas wrote the subtitles for pirated editions of his films I wouldn’t have believed you but there is no mistaking his distinctive style when it comes to dialogue.


A bad feeling do I about this have.


Latin like a translation from that sounds.


I dunno - it seems like an effort to improve on Lucas’ dialog. Otherwise it doesn’t make a lot of sense - finding the actual English subtitles seems like it would be easier than even a machine translation from the Chinese.


Yes, Lucas was always trying to improve the films over the years.


Is this possibly the first instance of “do not want!”?


Ah, the new Star Wars: Extra Special editions!


Saw again, my friend. The wish power are together with you at! (Good to know that the Presbyterian Church is involved).


All your base are belong to us.


Now with more Yoda!


Much better.


Many years ago an email pen pal from Singapore sent me a VCD set of the Star Wars. It had Chinese subtitles but the English dub. He said it was a horrible translation though. For example in ESB when Vader says, “What is thy bidding…”, they just phonetically spell out “thy bidding” in Chinese.


If only it had been released in theaters this way!


I think “Never Compromise to Black” is/will be a porn title.

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