Overplayed guitar store songs


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Where can I download the full track of “Complete Nonsense”? That shit was jammin.



Didn’t hear Yes- Roundabout? Maybe it isn’t overplayed anymore, but in my day…

Also, is this a direct response to the scene in Wayne’s World?




I knew a kid who obsessively played those ten or so notes from “Smoke on the Water,” even though he wasn’t born yet when it was released. I doubt he knew the name of the song, let alone the band.


The intro riff to Thunderstruck is fine I guess?


I would be surprised if he knew a 4th chord.


Gaah! Thanks a lot, now my ear doesn’t know which worm to obey.


Well, realistically “tuning” should be number one on the list, but closely followed by “12-bar blues.”


No Crazy Train? No Eruption?

My son is a guitar teacher and those 2 are also on his list of banned tunes for his students.


Real complete nonsense.


We all know their names:


Until Tiger Mountain Peasant Song makes the list, I’m safe.


(Bonus: the instructor’s slight resemblance to BoingBoing’s publisher)

If you can’t get through it, skip to 9:00 which I think is the trolliest.


i’m busy being miffed that it was presented as a countdown of EIGHT songs, but two are total bullshit filler non-songs. so really, number one is stairway to heaven, which is what i expected. i would be ok with Roundabout, Eruption, or Crazy Train, honestly.


Typical guitar store experience:
Loudness contest between 12-bar blues guy and complete nonsense guy. Whoever wins, we all lose.

From the classic rock cannon, I would like to add to the list:

  • Cat Scratch Fever
  • Only Women Bleed

If playing in the acoustic room, the following 90’s contributions shall be punishable by death:

  • Crash
  • Wonderwall


Judging from what’s written here, my go-to rendition of Rebel Rebel is still safe.

I don’t actually play guitar.


Devil Can’t Write No Love Song


A few lifetimes ago when I was stationed overseas, my roommate was learning to play guitar.

I still have a nervous tick when I hear Stairway to Heaven.

Oh, and he never learned in the year I was stationed there.