Oxford-educated MAGA Senator's Foghorn Leghorn accent is phony (video)

i can’t get past why fox news - or whoever - blured that orange guy’s hair. john kennedy’s head shows its messy, grey, balding self ( no judgement here, join the party. well the democratic party please. old and balding voters are certainly more than welcome ) - ■■■■■’s hair has a block shaped filter over it.

so. weird.


We have plenty of stupid shit in Oxford too. Lots of TERs in senior positions at the universities, OUCA, Bullingdon club, the list goes on.

The town is more left leaning than the gown, but is still not immune to stupid shit.


The Democratic Party. Tripping over its own dick since 1968. At least.


Er, can you explain to me what “gown” means? I have never heard this term.

Yes, unfortunately, I am familiar with some of the really bad takes from educated people in the UK. They have their own BS culture war. :confused:

“Town and gown” is the traditional way of dividing those who aren’t and those who are part of the university.

Playing dress-up is all part of the fun


I’m not from that part of the south, but yeah, he’s pushing the accent in the second part of the clip… he’s exaggerating for sure. And I’ll reiterate again, for the rest of the thread here, he’s doing so on purpose…


Oxford’s and Cambridge’s fancy dress is fancy, but they can only dream of aspiring to the fanciness of Finland.


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