Pacifist sect controls a Mayan-inspired pyramid in North Dakota


The presence of the ER warhead is news to me - I was under the distinct impression that the US never fielded a neutron bomb per se.


How a recreation of this thing never made it into the Fallout video games I’ll never understand.


It mysteriously moved to Massachusetts; and was turned into a ICBM launch site, rather than a radar complex; but it did get a pretty unmistakable showing in Fallout 4.

I tried to get a slightly better shot than the one the wiki provides. Sorry about the power armor HUD; but they don’t call it “the glowing sea” because unprotected exposure is recommended. (You can see that I’m not taking many rads there; but that’s because I’m standing in one of the less hot spots, and a full suit of X-01 mk.VI provides over 1000 radiation resistance, not because it’s a good idea.)


Oh hell, I hadn’t made it out to the Glowing Sea in my Fallout 4 playtime yet, that’s awesome.

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