Pack light for your next trip with this innovative luggage and accessories

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This commercial is aimed at women; not frequent flyers. When I started traveling a lot, I was replacing my checked hardside luggage about every 9 months. They break easily when dropped by baggage handlers. I learned from fellow road warriors about ballistic nylon. It is both light and lasts for decades. I bought a Tumi carry-on in 1990 but replaced it with a Briggs & Riley in 2002 due to its expandability. Both cost over $500 for a reason - lifetime guarantee. I still have both and they barely show their age and mileage.

Unlike any hardside bag including this white (are they kidding?) Genius Pack, nylon truly IS expandable. It bulges, resists grime, and never breaks. As I mentioned, my B&R bag allows me to release a lock & expand its width by 30%, allowing me to bring back some souvenirs and dutyfree booty, but the increased thickness means I have to check the bag. That expandability also allows me to fill it up, sit on it a few minutes to squish out the air, and it ratchets locked to original size. Try that with a hardside. Tumi, Ebags, and Eagle Creek ballistic carry-ons are also dragged by frequent flyers, and are solid choices.

I would add Red Oxx and Tom Bihn, both U.S. manufacturers of tough, light, soft bags with lifetime guarantees. As for spinners, good luck the first time you hit a cobblestone street in a foreign country.

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