From smart bags to spinners, here are 10 great luggage ideas for your next trip all on sale

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Was this introductory tangent about transporting animal remains along with a link to an article literally showing pictures of animal remains really necessary to promote luggage sales?


Call me old fashioned, but I can’t believe there are 10 great luggage ideas in the entire history of the universe much less the boingboing store.


I agree with Mocon. Most my career I lived out of a suitcase. These innovative suitcases described here are nearly all hard-sides which are heavier than ballistic, cheaper to buy, and need replacing usually every 6 months if you are a Platinum FF. Touting little compartments, spinner wheels, and cubbyholes is a sales gimmick. Spinner wheels break off all the time (usually when dropped on the tarmac during load/unload), cannot be dragged up entry stairs, and those 4 small spinner wheels subtract about 2" of dimension length that reduces capacity for overhead storage compared to my expandable (albeit pricey) drag-along with 2 larger built-in wheels. My bag can fit a week of business clothes, a pair of leisure shoes, and a puffer jacket securely, and it has a hidden strap for my briefcase. Best of all, it meets international dimensions for overhead storage - except when expanded to bring home souvenirs.


I came here to post something similar. I have a fairly heavy hardside* two-wheeler “carry-on” I bought in the mid-90s. The wheels take up almost no space and are durable. I travel quite a lot, and this is my go-to case. It has had the hell beaten out of it, and it’s still rolling and latching.

What was that about spinners?


Really, other than the invention of bags, there’s only The Luggage and as we’re sadly not living on the back of Great A’Tuin, we can’t even have one.

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