This feature-laden smart suitcase was a Kickstarter favorite

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Its got a li-po inside?

I don’t think you can put them in as checked luggage.


That’s right. Most airlines now post conspicuous signs warning that smart luggage may not be checked. I suppose you could remove the battery and argue that it dumbs down the bag.

While the Boing Bloing store claims that the bag is 20 inches high, the manufacturer’s web site says it’s 22 inches high. That’s too large for international carry-on. Maybe it becomes 20 inches when you remove the wheels? So to travel with this bag, you must either remove the battery or remove the wheels.

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You say feature-laden, I say stuffed with superfluous gadgets that will get used a couple of times and then break…


I just bought a new suitcase for carrying onto budget European airlines, and visiting shops with a tape measure and scale confirmed that advertised dimensions (height and weight) were usually wrong. In particular, advertised height often excluded wheels and handles.

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Old school field work, I like it.

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I’m the guy on whom airline counter people strictly enforce size and weight limits, every time, so I have to be diligent.

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I already have a suitcase that opens with Morse Code.

I slap it a few times and it pops right open. Isn’t that Morse Code?

If it weighs too much, it can levitate on the scale to reduce its apparent weight.


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