This foldable carry-on bag expands into a full-size suitcase

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FYI- the dimensions listed on the sales site indicate the bag, folded as a carry-on, exceeds TSA size requirements. The maximum dimensions for a carry -on bag are 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches.

My go-to solution has been, for years and over many trips, a cardboard box. Got something fragile? Put your cardboard box in a cardboard box. Cardboard boxes are available in sizes suitable for carry-on and for checked luggage. Worried about customs? Leave a roll of packing tape on top of the goods in the box with a note “Please retape.” Or you can use one of those belts for holding your suitcase together. From pretty indestructible (clothes) to really fragile (glassware), the cardboard box is your ticket to transoceanic consumerism.


Yep. Per the Rollux web site, collapsed dimensions are 8.6 x 19.6 x 15.7. And to get down to a height of 15.7, you have to remove the four wheels. But it’s the width of 19.6 against the max of 14 that makes this bag unsuitable for its stated purpose.

The reviews on that page are evidently fake, as they gush about the experience using the bag as a carry-on.

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