Painting babies' medical helmets


Fscking brilliant! I used to feel sorry for those kids. Now I’m envious…

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And the babies love them? Because they’re old enough to make aesthetic decisions?

Yes, I know: the parents love them, and look less anxious, smile and laugh, when the baby is wearing them, so that makes the babies less stressed. But… I thought we loved ours facts around here.


Do you kick puppies as well?


I had a contraption like that when I was a kid, because I had this thing. Neat!

Because babies are as smart at 1 month as they will be when they are 30, they can understand the good feeling adults show from the change. It probably doesnt matter what the design is because, well they wont be seeing them but they will get the reactions. You should think before you speak.


Well, hopefully there’s a sideline in puppy helmets…

Sorry, I was compelled to go there.


a) This is absolutely brilliant.
b) The companies that make these things seem to be completely lacking in empathy. What parent wants to put a kid into an ugly-ass piece of white plastic that makes their kid look weird and attracts stares and ridicule? I’m sure they charge a lot of money, though, as medical device makers usually do.

As the article notes, the painted helmets also have an effect on how other people who may interact with the infant,

Strawn explained that people sometimes get uncomfortable when they see a baby in a helmet and avoid eye contact. But when the babies wear their spruced-up helmets, that all changes. “Often, it creates an opportunity to have a conversation and explain what the helmet is for and that it is ot a scary situation,” she said.


The helmets are awesome and amazing, good for the artist! My cousin is a pediatric physical therapist and says this flat head thing is increasing huge amounts every year. It’s effortless to avoid though: every day help your baby have tummy-time, carry and hold your baby, don’t leave babies in the car seat unless you are going in the car.

I’ve looked and looked first through the article, then through their Facebook page, and I just couldn’t find those droids I was looking for… I mean, mentioned in the write-up.

Cool idea, definitely.

UPD: Needed to look harder:

Out of idle curiosity I quickly read about the problems that require these helmets, and … there seems to be national disagreements here. The NHS recommends against helmets in most cases, arguing that corrective baby care (varied sleeping positions, rearranging toys to the other side of the crib, that kind of thing) should usually be enough. Germany is apparently more pro-helmet,

Also, I need to add this line to be allowed to remove a spurious line break.

Poor babies. When will this monster be caught?


An honest insight but you’ll get attacked here for daring to express it.

what was the insight? All I saw was the condescension.


And maybe you should read what I wrote? Of course there are benefits, but the babies don’t actively “love” the helmets.

Thanks! It was the writing that I was taking umbrage with, not the benefits of the paintings on the helmets themselves. Glad that was picked up by at least one person.

Yes I do. Every day. All the time. In fact, I never stop kicking puppies.

Excellent point. And improved interaction with other people will certainly have a positive affect on a baby’s happiness, and almost certainly have a positive affect on their social development.

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