Watch: Baby cries furiously whenever phone taken away, instantly pacified when returned


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I find that depressing.


Alt Headline: Parents provide me what I want when I scream furiously. Quickly seem to forget what I am trying to teach them.


Damn near made me cry.


Could similar reactions not be provoked in other babies using any variety of mundane objects?


Yes! My youngest can’t stand having anything removed from her. Be at a rusty screw, a rock, a throat blocking it sized object, or paper that she plans to chew on. Taking anything away from her is instant tears.

I bet the child would respond the same to flashing LED toys or a Chew toys being removed from it.


Christ. This is why I won’t let my three-and-a-half-month-old see me use my smartphone or iPad (or let him use them on his own). His eyes are drawn to screens like flies to light bulbs.

I’m not an anti-tech zealot (I couldn’t be, after millennia of sky-is-falling reactionism: “Down with printing presses! No, down with comic books! No, down with televisions!”). And yet… I am frightened by the obvious allure electronic displays have for children. I suppose they are piggybacking on common infant cognitive preferences for areas of high contrast or bright light (windows), as well as for objects that are responsive (interactive) and are movable (or create the illusion of motion).

At the very least, I think moderation is prudent. The American Academy of Pediatrics has a lot to say on this issue, too (though their prescriptions are without nuance, and seem overly dogmatic, as such things usually do).


Exactly. You should see my baby when I take away his cigarettes.


Nuh, uh. That was a SMARTphone.


They’re SO cute… when they’re asleep.

I recall Paul Lynde’s answer to one question on the old Hollywood Squares:

“How do you put a fussy baby to sleep?”

“Give them a teeny-weeny… karate chop!”


So glad my kid isn’t an infant anymore… but even when she was, I never gave her my phone or anything breakable to play with.

Also, it has to be said; sometimes, you just have to let a baby cry - it’s the first hard lesson we learn in life; you can’t always have what you want, when you want it.


Holy FSM what sort of idiot gives their baby a smart phone? They are addictive! duh!
Why not just give Beauregard Jr a pistol to play with? I’m pert near sure it aint loaded?




Ahh, being a baby is just the worst.


Also you have to give little tiny kids tablets or phones. How else are you going to get the ‘kid tries to scroll a magazine’ moment?


Same thing happens when you give a baby a cookie and then take it away. Babies are willing to terrorize their parents in order to get what they want.


Granted, when my daughter was a toddler she acted the same way when I tried to take back my tape measure.


Like taking candy from a baby.

Yes. Or even hiding your face. They lack object permanence. For awhile peek-a-boo made me a god damn wizard.

Of course not - you’re not crazy! Never give a baby something you don’t want to see drooled on, spit up on, or broken. Don’t get anything you like near them, like paper or photos. They are deceptively quick and have pretty crazy hand strength for their size.

I wish we could have done this with ours with sleeping. Her esophagus sphincter didn’t seal up so she would throw up if she cried too long or hard. Made the “cry it out to learn to sleep” method a no go. :zombie:

Good news is that eventually that sphincter became normal.


Oh, how little advancement we have made.


Aw, c’mon… it’s WAY too soon for a Trump biopic.


I’ve got the opposite reactions. Take away my smartphone and I’m happier. When I have it back the sadness returns.