Paleontology on the Moon


So nobody’s ever found one. There’s no real reason to expect any actual fossils on the actual moon. And nobody’s going to the moon for the foreseeable future. But otherwise, totally convincing!

Regardless, it’s exciting to imagine prospecting for lunar fossils, which may be preserved in a completely different manner to their counterparts on Earth. I guess it’s time to start investing in a promising new career option: astropaleontology.

Well someone put this arch on the Mun.

We’re paleontologists on the moon.
We carry a whisk broom
Well, there ain’t no fossils
So we have a falafel
And sing a Devonian tune.

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This story is also in this week’s New Scientist. An interesting idea. Perhaps the Chinese can bring back some likely samples.
Reading that article on Motherboard led me to the story of animals trapped in amber. Not related I know (well, kinda) but an excellent read.

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