Pallet skating on a city's trolley tracks

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Must be a little troublesome if the Trolley schedule changes without a prior notice.


There must be a German compound noun for that feeling of mixed admiration at a brilliantly novel way of courting death.


/slow clap

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But check out this video of three Dutch inventors who were inspired by the video and took it to the next level.

First they tested their invention at midnight, but then they commented, it’s really hard to see this when it’s dark. So the one guy says, let’s do it in the daytime. They come back and do it again, in the daytime. This time, it is funnier. They play cat and mouse with the police, and pick up a few passengers along the way. The police catch up to them, and they all have a good laugh. In other words, they pretty much do the same thing.


Cool. Reminds me of when we used to go skitching as kids after a snow. Grap on to the back bumper while hunched down & hold on! I guess you can’t do it anymore without those big ass old chrome bumpers - looks like they use rope nowadays.


I’ve often thought it would be great if streets could have steel rails for bicycle use. Propelling oneself with steel wheels over steel rails feels effortless compared to rubber tires on pavement. Passing would be a problem though.

Extreeeme pallet!

Considering the amount of foot traffic in the streets, it doesn’t seem all that risky.

I don’t think it’s any worse than riding a bike in the streets.

Bewunderung bei einem glänzend neuen Weg Tod umwerben.

Not compound, but cool nonetheless.

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