Intricate handmade model of a skate park

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Is this for those little finger skates I have seen kids with? Other than that I ask “why”? For the sake of art sometimes just doesn’t cut it for me. It’s almost like someone is just really bored and their imagination is becoming feeble.

I take it you don’t skate? If you have to ask…

What’s most amusing about this statement in itself is that skating is not only a complete expression of creativity, it actually opens your eyes to seeing the world around you from a perspective that non-skaters just can’t comprehend.

Also, for your visual entertainment here is a feeble grind

No, I don’t skate. But my two boys were and still are avid skaters even though they are now 35 and 33 y/o. I endorsed their skating because it got them exercise and kept them out of trouble. People rag on skaters because they are lumped in with other young groups that may cayse trouble. In Salt Lake City there used to be a group labeled as a ‘gang’ by the local police known as Straight Edge. Many Straight Edgers were skaters and they had a bad an undeserved reputation. My comment was on the tiny skate park. I don’t see the point. So there.

Regardless of whether your kids skate (I am also a mid-thirties wood-pusher)
that’s the only answer you needed. Would a relation to a painter grant you consciousness of how their mind works while they paint?

Just looking at the pictures of this beautiful little park sets my mind off on tangents. I’m assuming that’s why the maker made it- the process of park design itself is considerably more complex than simply placing ramps in an area- where the lines are, how the park flows, which sections are better to skate backside or frontside, etc. They’re imagining how they’d skate it.

It’s great that you supported your kids skating! My mom didn’t really care that I skated, she would’ve preferred if I continued to play baseball, and the lack of support was a bummer. That said, it’s pretty lame how dismissive you are of this person’s work when you don’t understand the first thing about it.

ETA: straight-edge is a variant of the hardcore community, a label that means you don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. Some skate, most don’t.

ETA2: here is a straight-edge skate punk jam

Sorry, I just don’t see the tangents. Some people have different tastes in what is called ‘art’.

Sorry Mike, this was meant for Wait.

And actually I’m not sorry, it is what it is.

Maybe it’s not even art - a lot of “pointless” things are done as hobbies.

If this was just shown as a hobbyist creation would it make more sense to you?

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