Neil deGrasse Tyson on why he admires skateboarding

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He’s right, of course. I just love this.


NDT hits it on the nose as usual

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Yep, he’s right. But! He forgot to mention that it’s also a society of people that seem unbothered by the feel of cold concrete smacking against bone.


That’s a nice appreciation by Tyson. But, Tracker trucks.

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If you can shred, or can’t but are trying to that’s usually about it.

Probably helps that it definitely started out as a social subclass that was looked down on by everyone else. When you’re getting chased out of parking lots etc… it’s a bit of a bonding experience where race doesn’t matter.

Still a bit of a boy’s club, but nowadays I regularly see girls at the local skatepark (and not just there with their skater boyfriends).


I admire the skateboarding community’s deft balance of competitiveness and support. You often see competitors hoot for their opponents and bang their decks on the concrete in support of someone outdoing them.

Also admiring the perseverence needed to learn even basic tricks.
Note: “deft balance” ↑ was a rare but legit unintended pun.

If you want to skate you need to want. Your face. To be one. With the concrete :slight_smile:

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