Help skateboarding boys and girls in Mongolia build a skate scene in Ulaanbaatar




In the midst of politicing, corruption, and in general Badness… this is something I want to see. Location that is forgien to me, but interesting because of it and people there wanting to engadge in a familiar activity (albeit one that I personally suck at.)

See, we’re not all that different fundimentally.


You say that now, but when Genghis Khan the 2nd and his Horde skate right over Eurasia, you’ll sing a different tune.


Well then the British shouldn’t have ever gotten rid of the punk movement in the eighties. Good Job guys. You neutered your own defense.


The English Channel.

Bugger - the Channel Tunnel.


In all seriousness I hope these guys can get the ball rolling. I’ve never been in skate culture so find it a bit alien to me, but it looks like fun, nobody’s getting in trouble, and it’s excessive.


Yep - it would be very cool indeed.


proper form on the melon grab in the b/w photo … props to that kid, obviously been watching old launch-ramp era videos on youtube. check out skatistan if you think this is cool, doing the same thing in afghanistan ->


Props to the skaters as a tribe–they keep getting battered, either by the stuff they like to do or by the people who don’t like them to do it, and yet, after all the ball-crushing, elbow fracturing, and ocular cavity shattering, they get up and do it again. Maybe we need more marriage therapists who are skaters…

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