Panama Papers' journalists school the daughter of Pakistan's PM Sharif on Twitter

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Why wouldn’t she make shit up? Works for Donald Trump.


Thanks for reminding Pakistan and the world what a corrupt scumbag your dad is, Maryam. A smart daughter would go shtum and wait for her payday, but not you!

Next up, she shares a link to her rich kids of Instagram account.


How cute. Isn’t it always a sinister conspiracy(usually foreign, or at least carried out by treasonous domestic elements) when dear leader has a spot of legal trouble?


Keep in mind that the company leaked in the Panama papers had few American clients. Until more companies are leaked, the details of American offshore money and who it belongs to, are unknown.

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u-umlaut in Süddeutsche and ng at the end of Zeitung.


Yes, it was very d-list on the scale of money launderers.

That’s Süddeutsche Zeitung, or SZ for short. Usually worth more than just a peek. (Still a real newspaper with real journalists. Think conservative Guardian without typos and really good sources; in other words liberal in the classic European sense.)
Key figure is one Dr. Heribert Prantl. Although always interested and involved in journalism, he read law and worked as a solicitor, judge and public prosecutor before joining the SZ. So yes, pretty good at getting his facts straight and presenting them in a convincing way, including the legal implications. Not someone to use the “you’ve just made that up”-defense against.


Yeah, a very serious paper, often cited in press reviews here in France.

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