Panama Papers: New Zealand is the go-to money launderer for crooked Latin Americans


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It would be, I think be a dangerous decision to make as a knee-jerk reaction just to ban a foreign trust overnight

Yeah shit no, don’t ban them. Tax them! It will be hilarious.


The FT has an interesting article this morning about the US (South Dakota in particular) becoming a haven for overseas assets.


It’s hard to stay mad at you, New Zealand, but don’t push your luck!


Well obviously John Key is going to claim that white is black and up is down - it was his party led by him that intentionally changed New Zealand into a tax haven back in 2011 to try to get a slice of that sweet sweet international pie.

He’s the slimy kind of politician that needs to be kicked to curb. New Zealand has good politicians, but is overdue to dump the trash and put some of the more respect-worthy people charge.



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