Panasonic's in-flight entertainment systems have critical security flaws

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Hang on here. Being able to make everyone in 1st sit upright is pretty funny. But that’s a long way from controlling the plane. Likewise, physical contact between layers (e.g. shared grounds) is not ideal, but it doesn’t open the flood gate. On a scale of airplane security, these flaws sound rather minor, no?

Seriously, enough of this ‘Rune’ bullshit. Hideous


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FYI, Discussion of Rune is in this thread along with ways to block it.


Blinking lights, intrusive and overpersonal seat settings,, do you need like, a screenplay? It could be called Objective Promises on Flights. Or The Stewardess Spoke Go, The Flight Ombudsperson Spoke LLVM.


In 2014, my friend (a network engineer) found this mounted under his passenger seat on an Airbus flight. He might have accidentally unplugged a couple of them until the captain came on and said “Cut that out.”

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“Well, if you insist, but the way I was unplugging them is a lot less wasteful…”

Of course. “Also, your labeling scheme…”

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