Pandemic sourdough waffles

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I can’t even find flour and sugar on supermarket shelves.


Can’t you get any of that freeze dried stuff? Easy to deliver, just add water.

If flour is unavailable, people will be in trouble. You can’t get much more basic.

The thing that’s crazy to me is if TP is any indicator, lots of folks panic-bought baking essentials (thereby clearing out the stores) and will simply be hoarding them until the end of days. Some might use this as a chance to try baking things, which is great, but I’d be shocked if it all gets consumed.



A trick I’ve seen to get the batter even airier: separate the yolk, beat the egg white and fold it in just before pouring the first waffle.


Can confirm. Do it.


I’m kind of freaked out that flour is still wiped out at both our local supermarket and Trader Joe’s, so I placed an online order at a nearby milling company that’s offering a curbside pickup service. I think 25 pounds ought to be sufficient for the time being.


I have about 15lbs on hand right now 5 AP 5 bread and 5 whole wheat. I am considering the same. Xeni has a place with 50lb bags of milled red wheat.

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I ordered a 25-pound bag of organic AP as well as 5 pound bags of bread and whole wheat, so I should be set for a while. Until then waffles will have to be made with a mix. :neutral_face:

Edited to add: I almost ordered 50 lbs but that seemed a bit excessive.

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You do realize that sourdough is the result of not washing ones hands properly?

We love these!
My daughter and I eat then with maple syrup most mornings.

We use fresh ground, organic flour from Azure Co-op
IMG_20200322_090901205|375x500 . We already have tomorrows breakfast started😄

On today’s blog I’m showing how I grind my flour♥️

My friends used to react to gluten except in expensive elcorn flour. They started doing sourdough and they can have regular four💞.

After learning that it became a staple in her breakfast… Someday I’ll actually master bread🤣

Just made this (also a young starter)
It was great!
Will make again soon, but will cut the Baking Soda down to .5 tsp (bitters flavor came through the ‘bake’)

I found the recipe to be super thin, maybe it’s just my starter, not sure. I added a half a cup of flour and it worked much better.

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