Pandemic tourism: Take virtual tours of 12 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings

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Love how you can view the most beautiful houses in the world vertically in some videos so you can feel like a horse about to race with blinders on. Film horizontally people! TVs horizontal. Cinema screens horizontal! Your eyes normal vision horizontal!


And you hold a phone vertically.

Not only is most content also consumed on phones, which are most of the time at point of consumption held vertically (browsing forums/reddit/BB) but it is also often taken at the spur of the moment. No-one restarts taking a spontaneous shot because they started in portrait.

So quit your over-the-top, entitled whining and enjoy the free content of surprising stuff.

Although I will give you that certain pre-planned content SHOULD be taken horizontally. But your statement and all those of their ilk I see in the wild are always so overbearing.

Don’t forget that those beautiful images of Taliesin West are a reminder of how badly the Foundation has fucked things up in regards to its relationship with the School, and Wright only established and endowed said Foundation in order to keep the school running, and the School was the legacy he had in mind way more than some committee of self-important timeservers with marketing degrees.

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And yet Instagram shoves landscape video into a portrait frame with block of black above and below that are larger than the video! If anything was ever better filmed properly (i.e. in landscape) it is FLW’s houses. If Instagram had the wit to offer a choice or automatically interpret aspect ratio then perhaps people would hold their phones appropriately for the subject.

Look at how utterly crap this is!

No, I DO NOT. Not when I’m taking pictures or making video. How do you know how I or @shane_cashin hold our phones? You do not. Look at most 6"x4" prints - they are landscape not portrait. Prints? Yes - quaint, ain’t it. So how about you respect other people’s legitimate complaints and refrain from the accusations of entitlement and whining.

And yours isn’t? Gee - there’s some great self-awareness, right there.

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