Paparazzi at The Ivy in Los Angeles wait for celebs to emerge


But who paparazzis the paparazzi?

Isn’t calling 'em Meerkats a bit generous?

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Imbedded video seems broken, but the click-through works.

I wonder how we draw the line between photojournalist and paparazzi?

One is honest about their work? The paparazzi, I mean.

Love the meerkat comparison.

I’ve always thought similarly about the little neck-craning thing that New York straphangers do when they lean over the edge of the subway platform to try to see if the train is coming. If you stand at the end of the platform near where the train enters and look down the length of the platform, you’ll often see passengers taking turns stepping to the edge of the platform and doing this exact maneuver, and it’s very meerkat-like. I wish I could find a good video.

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There’s a very high incidence of backwards baseball caps. But I guess the bill would bump into the camera otherwise.

Would it be bad to suggest a drive-by with water balloons?

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That’s pretty funny. I never thought of it that way before : )

What a horrible thing to say about meerkats.

My job satisfaction just got boosted, thanks!

wish i was a paparazzi taking photos of paparazzi. that would be fun!

The paparazzi always reminds me of the people who drive around picking soda cans out of the trash/recycling for the deposit: it’s kind of desperate, it doesn’t produce anything of real value, and whatever service it provides isn’t really necessary (other than the fact that it provides them an income.)

Just cogs in the machine of fame/consumerism/fashion/vanity/celebrity. Despicable at times, sure. But just a very small part of that big machine.

I hope some pissed off celebrity with money to burn hires an army of fake paparazzi to stalk each of these guys, mobbing their houses and following them when they drive around. For like a month each. Would make an epic prank documentary.

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