Parawormal activity


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seems to be more PEDEish than WORMish. I see lots of tiny slippers there.


Looks like a millipede. you can see antenna when it lands. And, yeah, someone tossed it onto the counter.


It flew! You can tell it flew! And you can tell that’s ectoplasm by the pixels!


That is The Very Hungry Caterpillar looking for a late night snack, people.


The severe lack of orbs point to this being a fake.


“Parawormal” or Precogwormgear?




Are we to understand that by “quite certain,” you threw the squirmsome wormsome onto the countertop, @beschizza?


It is 10 PM.
Do you know where your sex toys are?


CentESPede? The Sixth Centipede? Jeepers Crawlers? Unsolved Millipede?


Arthur C Clarke’s Millipedesterious world?


Some folks are really getting desparate for clicks on their logs.


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