Parfaitzilla: the dessert that ate Japan

There seems to a tradition of bucket-sized deserts for special occasions.

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  1. This is a normal thing in Japan. Here is a translation of the relevant jp wiki page and here is a google jp images result for パフェ

  2. That joke is no longer funny, but the Japanese have already accommodated those who want meat in their dessert. They make a tonkatsu (deep fried pork) version of this in Matsuyama: 松山 パフェ

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I never joke when bacon is on the line.


Giga Pudding also came to mind for me. It looks small and plain in comparison to this.

This is only reinforcing my desire to take an epic vacation to Japan and eat EVERYTHING.

In the late 80s, my family made an attempt (and failed) on an ice cream sundae about that size at at Disney World, right before a 2 hour pontoon boat trip in the lagoon. That was a bad time to learn I was lactose intolerant.

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