Parfaitzilla: the dessert that ate Japan


That thing is going to be a hideous mess about five minutes in.

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“Delicious.” “Delicious mess.”

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i think i’m going to make some eggo and ice cream right now…

Suddenly remembered Magnolia Thunderpussy shop in the Haight, circa 1969!

It essentially looks like a trifle with a whole bunch of extras on top. I assume it wasn’t presented as a single serve.

I assumed not based on the clean, empty bowls.

Is there bacon in there? Otherwise, why eat it?


yeah japan has some awesome parfaits, a google image search of “japanese parfait” brings up some of these beauts:

from a different angle

i assume this isn’t a regular thing…

sweet sweet anpan

images weren’t showing up…

Party of 50, you said?


It seems like whipped cream and fruit with random baked goods and ice cream thrown on top. So yeah, I suppose it’s closer to trifle than traditional French parfait.

Yikes, 18,000 yen (a bit more than $170) for what’s mostly whipped cream and fruit… I guess you’re paying for the engineering expertise required to assemble it.


I spent a summer in Nice in 1978 where a popular ice-cream shop near the Quai des Anglais (called something like “Palais des Glaces” and decorated with mirrors) served an equally-immense parfait called the “Kilimanjaro.” It was free if you could finish it by yourself, but after half way through you were begging your friends, or any stranger who came in, to help you eat it all!

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Stunt food is stunt food. I don’t even know that it’s really as creative as it is just an indicator that you’ve got this big fuckin’ bowl to fill. I imagine some poor dessert chef shivering as they’re assembling these things in the walk-in freezer because it would melt halfway through making it otherwise.

I’ve seen that somewhere before…




I had to go buy ice cream after seeing this. I am sadly lacking in waffles and melons to make an epic parfait though.



I’ll pay money to see you eat it.

So they basically chucked all my favourite desert things in a bowl, then stuck pocky in it.

I want to eat this so badly right now :frowning:


I wish I could like that ten times.