Paris: Police fire tear gas, water cannons on 'yellow vest' protest anniversary

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Meh. I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Place d’Italie was a mess, yes, and a lot of Métro stations near the Champs Elysées were closed to prevent guerilla protests there (a move that was apparently successful), but there was really not much impact on the rest of Paris.

There’s going to be a general strike on December 5, and if everybody who has committed to it actually participates, THEN Paris will be a mess, though hopefully not in a violent or fiery way.

Source: I live in Paris and covered quite a lot of the city today running errands, including an area quite close to Porte de Champerret. I didn’t see any protesters or riot police, and the only impact on my day was that a bus route I wanted to use was canceled. Sure, that’s anecdotal, but based on press reports a lot of people are probably thinking that Paris is a warzone tonight, when in fact the vast majority of Parisians wouldn’t even know anything is happening if they didn’t learn about it from the news.

I’m probably picking nits here, but that’s some … odd geography. I guess they look close on a map, but they’re about a mile apart. When the weather is nice and the mood strikes I sometimes walk between them on my lunch break, but I wouldn’t describe them as close to one another.


Ambiance from one hour ago :


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