Parisian canals now open to swimmers

-looks at current state of the world
-looks at Cthulhu.

Eh, why not?


They found walleye in the Cuyahoga this year. That means the river is healthy enough to support life other than tumorous catfish.


Only about 50 years after catching fire – a record! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Considering the general ickiness of a lot of public swimming pools (because people are gross/inconsiderate/thoughtless/selfish/clueless), the new and improved Parisian canals might not much worse, for those with normally functioning immune systems. Yes, the link is from last year, but I doubt that there’s been a dramatic year-to-year improvement.

Anecdotally, the chlorine smell at my local Y’s pool is breathtaking, which is hardly reassuring. That smell is from the chlorine reacting with all the nasties my fellow swimmers have introduced into the water, and as strong as it is, they must be slobs.

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