Parisian canals now open to swimmers

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Two years ago, …, bacteria levels dropped below safe levels,

I know what they mean, but this sentence really conjures up a world in which there is a minimum amount of bacteria needed rather than a maximum allowed.


Maybe there’s still hope for that trampoline bridge. (But probably not.)

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If i lived in France, or was visiting, i would pass on bathing there. I can’t imagine the water there being all that clean, but i do think it’s a great thing they’ve been working to clean up the canal.

Here in Austin there’s a stretch of the river that was converted into a giant pool, but the city has been pretty fastidious in making sure that the river, and the section of the pool remain pretty clean. Here’s my pic of the Barton springs Pool last time i went a month ago or so.


Honestly, I would almost rather swim in the Cuyahoga… There have been major cleanup efforts in place since the 70s, and the river is worlds better than previously, but still.
eta: I wouldn’t swim in a French canal. Austin river, YMMV. Don’t know if it was ever as filthy as the Cuyahoga.

Sshhh…it’s a “lake”.

Of course “Lake” Austin is fed by “Lake” Travis before sending it on down to San Antonio. Good ol’ trickle down economics.


That’s the Republican!…Texas way!


I just think it’s funny how many recent arrivals in Austin (like people who moved here 8 years ago) have no idea it’s just a damned stretch of the Colorado river. I sometimes worry about the public’s ignorance of the water cycle.


Hehhehheh, I see wut u did dere. :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps but even if it’s a reservoir the water flowing downstream from that and through Austin is still a river.

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Hence the quotation marks :wink:

Of course, i got that much, though it’s a bit of a derail from my point :slight_smile: I think the Parisian initiative is great but likely needs continued conservation efforts before i would trust that water.


Applies better to the US right now.

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Remember if there’s no algae, no fish, no diatoms, no crawdads… it’s because the water is toxic.

You will never see a more beautifully crystalline watercourse than the ones full of acid mining runoff, that can strip your skin right off.


Gives a whole new meaning to stripping.


Good to see Paris finally catching up with Dublin.

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Don’t be so quick to point fingers, as the Talmud says(1) “When The Holy One, blessed be He, was handing out stupid to the Nations of Mankind, He was equally generous to all”

1 not actually in the Talmud but it should have been


I seem to recall Cthulhu said that as well.

If Cthulhu were to speak it would surely cause humanity to come together. In madness.


As an appetizer, entre and desert.