Parolee arrested after making and posting video on how to remove ankle monitor with butterknife


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“encase anyone was curious”

Either his spelling is atrocious or the misspelling was an attempt at a humorous pun. I’m hoping it’s the former because the latter is an unforgivable crime.


I had to stop watching after a minute. The endless tool fumbling was driving me mad.


Parolee Gentleman arrested after making and posting video…



Dammit, Dustin. You had to go ruin it for everybody else, didn’t ya? /s


He’ll go far in this life, as soon as he gets that dam ankle monitor off.


I am shocked that someone clever enough to post video of himself violating his parole to social media would be forced to resort to crime to get by… /s


Note to self: When removing my ankle monitor bracelet, use a regular screwdriver rather than a multitool.


The butter-knife tampering case should be…cut…and dry.


He has sacrificed himself so that we may live free!


“Burns was charged this week with tampering with electronic monitoring equipment, a felony, court records say.”

Followed by a lawsuit on behalf of the manufacturer, charging Burns with divulging proprietary information and infringing the company’s IP rights?


He didn’t break DRM so he may be alright.

If it is this easy to circumvent a ankle bracelet, maybe there should also be some consequences for the creators of that bracelet.


“I’m asking for clemency, your Honor, because I’m handicapped by a near-terminal case of stupidity.”


I thought the title read “ankle bone” at first glance. Not sure whether to be relieved or disappointed.


Aren’t electronic monitoring devices the ultimate in rights management technology?


i think its the ladder


Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, amirite?


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