Prank bro learns that removing stop signs ain't smart


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Well I wouldn’t give a sou for his legal defense. But I have to say, his willingness to consider the possibility he’s an idiot is heartening. This is the cradle of wisdom.


who pranked him back with a 3rd-degree felony charge.

He’s lucky no one was hurt or worse.


He’s lucky! It could have been a manslaughter, at least!


And NOW the video has been made private? In addition to being stupid, the guy has a terrible sense of timing.



And the video is no longer available…
Also as stated that guy is quite lucky nothing serious happened.


Back in my day, people did this for the shear thrill of asshattery. Not for youtube views. It was a much more pure time to be an idiot.


Yeah, but the only evidence was the sign hanging on the wall of your dorm room. Today’s brand of idiot posts the prosecution’s best evidence, purely for fame (aka “the lulz”).


There’s a science fiction story a’brewing here: todays courts, cops, and jails/prisons are all based on the assumprion that crooks dont want to take responsibility for their actions. But it’s a whole new class of criminal that wants to be seen and admired in the act. This might require some creative adaptations on the part of law enforcement and department of"corrections".



The motion for a new trial was denied, and the defendants appealed the decision. In March 2001, the Florida Court of Appeals reversed the manslaughter convictions of all three defendants. The court held that the prosecution had made improper comments during closing argument. The court did not reverse the grand theft convictions.

On May 21, 2001, the Hillsborough County District Attorney’s Office dismissed the manslaughter charges. The defendants were resentenced on the grand theft convictions to perform community service and the convictions were dismissed after they successfully completed their service.


Is there a place where we can help pay for the prosecution?


Ross’ videos have a certain Rémi Gaillard vibe to them
Charles Ross:

I generally find this kind of derring-do cringe-worthy, but to each his own…

Rémi Gaillard:


I do think you’re an idiot, but I am also interested in helping you . . . it’s just that I think whatever fine or community service the police give you would probably be the best thing for you.


When I think of all the worthy people I’m not helping…


Hanging’s too good for him!

If he had figured that out without getting arrested, maybe…


Yeah, really. Does he have a GoProsecuteMe page?


pranked prunk


Digging for treasure in the graveyard was a pretty good one. Dickish, but good.


A Nickstarter.*

Previously, Charles Ross was arrested for assaulting strangers in exchange for YouTube views.