Presence of bodybuilders convinces illegally-parked motorists to comply gracefully

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Apparently America doesn’t have a monopoly on self-absorbed selfish assholes.

Should I be disgusted or relieved?


Don’t get me wrong…parking illegally or driving on the sidewalk, etc are all DB moves to be sure. But vandalizing someone’s property by slapping a giant sticker on the car that also obstructs their view when driving isn’t exactly ok either.

Sort of all sides being pricks?


What can be more adorable than delightfully polite bodybuilders clearing handicap spaces?


Props. This works out to something like 300-400 pounds per person, and it’s awkward as hell. I’ve tried to do this before. Not only is it crazy heavy, but there aren’t very good handholds.


What does “Ham” mean in Russian?

I used to see this a lot in Moldova and Ukraine, too. Typically, by people who drove the nicest cars.

It’s interesting to note that the prevailing attitude from many offenders in these videos is that if you have the money to buy a car off the dealership lot, then you are entitled to park wherever you damn well please.
In confrontational situations, the first question they ask is, “Do you have a car?” like somehow that removes one from the equation.


Looks like Moscow doesn’t have many ticketers? And wheel locks and tow trucks for cars owned by those who don’t pay tickets?


Maybe they recruit these guys to help the people who have difficulty parallel parking?


I’m disappointed. They said almost everyone agreed to move but didn’t show any of the ones that didn’t. Where’s my confrontational Russians?

incidental jerks vs intentional jerks. sounds like a bunch of jerks all around.


As soon as I heard them speaking Russian I expected it to end in someone being shanked or dragged away by men in dark suits.

Bully - 0
Wrestler - 1

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I think it’s universal. The nicest cars commit the most deliberate infractions.


stupid people doing stupid things, on all sides. there are no heroes here.

Having watched most videos from their main channel (“stop a douchebag”) and side channel (“stop a douchebag world”), I would disagree. The traffic violations in Russia are on another level compared to most western societies.

People there keep driving when someone stops them on a pedestrian path, use fake government identifications, fake emergency vehicle lights, park on lanes and just put on hazard lights, bypass traffic by driving on sidewalks etc. When confronted they are not only not ashamed, but pull knives and pistols or otherwise threaten or do violence. I’m not saying “all russians” (even in the videos there certainly are a lot of good ones), but it really is quite wild compared to my country.

And the policing is a joke. You can do incredibly dangerous traffic violations in a $100k car and get a $30 ticket. Part of the problem is that every Mercedes driver could be a friend of the current administration and the police are afraid to do anything, as you can see from this video:

The Mercedes driver drives on a sidewalk, stops in an intersection and falls asleep on the backseat (probably drunk). What happens? Like five police units come and proceed to stand around for hours while the drivers sleeps. While the police know they are being filmed. The mind boggles.

I think “the activists” show almost flawless restraint. The logic with the stickers is that they are not permanent and you can, and should, peel them off before driving off. That way you get a reminder that you dun’ goofed but no damage is done. They do put them on the driver side when you try to mow them down, though. Pretty reasonable to me.

What I can’t understand is how Boingboing can portray Stopham so positively.

Yes, “founded in 2010 by members of the youth movement Nashi”. It was founded by basically Puttler youth. Now I don’t have a problem with that, but I would have imagined that many of you do.


Reminds me of the sign in the parking lot for Gold’s Gym at Venice Beach. Not an idle threat, it seems.


two wrongs make a right in your view. got it. cool.

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