Ahmed Mohamed wants his clock back


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With my humility? I wonder if he means dignity?


That’s the coolest thing ever. His comments about feeling supported on social media and by people like Mark Zuckerberg and Obama are amazing. Is someone chopping onions?



I wasn’t terribly eloquent at that age either, but I frequently convinced myself otherwise. I probably would have imploded if I had to deal with this much media attention at 14.


Oh I wasn’t mocking - just puzzled.


So…you not only over react and commit a clear violation of this kid’s rights. But then when you realize you made a horrible mistake…you don’t even actually apologize for it…AND YOU KEEP HIS PROPERTY?!?

I just can’t even.


At least you wouldn’t have exploded.


His parents should go to the county sheriff and report that a city cop stole his property. As a Texas resident, I can tell you that our sheriffs and city police don’t get along much of the time.




I feel like there have been a couple of other similar incidents over the past few years (possibly featured on boingboing). I recall the whole Mooninites flap in Boston, and Star Simpson’s encounter with our good friends at the TSA, but those were both in 2007. I can’t remember any more recent incidents, but I have this nagging feeling. Am I crazy Y/N?


The kid is innocent, but the device just might be guilty as heck – civil forfeiture. Ahmed can buy it back at the next police auction.


They do that shit all the time.They confiscate cash all the time, never charge anyone with a crime, good luck getting it back.


Well, they didn’t shoot him. Going by American police standards, he’s way ahead at this point.


Let’s use the publicity and step on their throat this time, then.


Who ever heard of a plug-in bomb? And I hope he insulated the leads on that transformer…


Today’s electronics-heavy bombs, and even yesterday’s EBW-actuated nukes, sometimes need to be charged, sometimes from the delivery vehicle’s power bus. (Though thermal batteries are quite common.)

Let’s teach the children the magic of heat-shrinks.


Today it’s a clock, tomorrow it’s a timer for an IED. The Irving Police, ever vigilant, anticipated this kid’s motives and cut him off at the pass. Unfortunately, there is no footage of the Sandra Bland take down arrest technique used here. The device is being analyzed by the FBI and Secret Service, then being shipped to the White House just in case the kid was planning on making modifications before meeting the President.



Learned how to solder from another kid when I was twelve or thirteen. It took another decade to discover heat-shrink tubing. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Pro-tip: Liquid electrical tape is evil.


Poe’s Law: