Partner of fired police chief made "false claim of child abuse" against councilwoman who criticized chief

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I hope that sort of BS comes with a nice prison sentence, to allow you loads of time to reflect on what a shit person you are.


There are a few lists you never want your name to appear on. No-Fly and child abuse are at the top.



Child protective services are often underfunded and understaffed, and you, knowing this better than most choose to waste their resources with a false accusation - a particularly despicable one at that - just to be cruel to somebody who criticized a public servant? Fuck you, you absolute worthless sack of shit. The system won’t have a punishment harsh enough.

Why is it that small-time crooks get harsh sentences while those who truly are cruel and evil (and yes, what he did was fucking evil) often get next to nothing? Rhetorical question; I know the answer.

This kind of shit just boils me.


That police chief will be re-hired in another town, if it hasn’t happened already.


Depending on who you ask, it seems the police chief was fired for being (1) a progressive reformer or (2) so incompetent the department could barely function. Her getting rehired somewhere else is a win either way!

Her allegedly lying, libeling partner, though, they can go to hell.


The police chief was in the process of initiating reforms to the department, and had actually moved to hold some officers accountable that the union did not want held accountable. Ex-chief Wilson was actually very much into accountability for the department as a whole, and for the officers individually. The story of her firing is pretty complicated, but clearly Jurinsky was pivotal. That doesn’t exculpate Niceta in any way, though - if she did this (and it sure seems she did), it was a scumbag move.

This article has a decent discussion of the politics of the chief’s firing:


Well, if they had filed a false police report, there might have been the possibility of charges, but in a case like this, I suspect the person affected would have to sue them for there to be any consequences. Unfortunately tr0lls love to turn people in to child protective services to harass them, as it’s consequence free for them.

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Niceta has surrendered to authorities, and according to this news clip retaliation against an elected official is a felony punishable with up to 18 months in jail.


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