Two of the Chicago airport cops who beat up Dr David Dao got fired for lying about it (but not for the beating)


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it’s not the crime, it’s the lying which disables your superiors from adequately covering it up.


The report also says that the officers “improperly escalated the incident”. That’s code for “they done fucked up.”


“Based on the OIG’s findings and recommendations, the Chicago Department of Aviation fired the officer who “improperly escalated the incident” as well as the sergeant involved in the deliberate removal of facts from an employee report.”

Am I misunderstanding this? It seems like one officer was fired for using too much force, while another was fired because they tried to downplay the situation in the paperwork. So at least one person WAS fired for the actual beating – though really, that’s still why the second guy was fired, just worded indirectly. A third guard quit before they could do anything.


Report says a lot more than that, but “lying” is easier to prove in an employee situation. Use the tools you have to weed out shitheads like this.


“improperly escalated the incident”

Nice turn of phrase. Coming soon to police involved shooting reports near you.


Yeah, next time they’ll escalate an incident properly.


Don’t make stuff up? But then how do we keep our fellow Boys in Blue out of trouble?


Sounds like a euphemism for throwing a suspect down an escalator


African Americans getting murdered on video, airplane travelers getting beaten up, women getting sexually harrassed/molested/raped - the lesson is that video isn’t enough. The system doesn’t want to change, it protects its own. Sadly, change will only come with concerted effort and time.

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