Passengers on plane grounded at airport were refused food for "legal reasons"


Yeah its my fault. This is my universe and I am not eating that piece of fairy cake.


This has been law for a while in all flights departing from the EU, “in the event of long delays (two hours or more, depending on the distance of the flight), passengers must in every case be offered free meals and refreshments plus two free telephone calls, telex or fax messages, or e-mails”, not to mention the 400EUR per passenger if the flight was more than 3 hours late in releasing passengers at Gatwick.


The law remains an ass.


this is great. I hope to have a long delay just to see the puzzled reaction if I give the attendant a note and a telex number.


I’m curious how one sends a fax or telex from a plane?


Never heard of them, but they’re now my favorite UK super group. I assume both Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Pet Shop Boys took inspiration from them in coming up with names.


There was some obscenely long wait a few years back–six or seven hours, while people were begging to be let off, and the crew kept being told five more minutes, five more minutes, five more minutes, and so the cycle perpetuated itself until it melted down entirely.

So the idea is that now, while you’re not going to see any pilots hauled off the tarmac in shackles for a delay that lasts 3:01:00, it is going to automatically create far more annoyance and cost for the airline than it’s worth. (Which the quote-unquote free market would have taken care of by itself, except that airlines are a severely underregulated near-monopoly.) AFAIK it’s working, since on a plane-full of people there’s going to be at least one who knows about the rule and will be live-tweeting the countdown as they get close.


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