Passive Aggressive notes in the wild


Found this one at a job site today. Let’s make a catalog!

Along the wiping journey… Classic!


I like the fact that the illustrator was asked to include a person squatting in front of the toilet under the big red X category. :laughing:


Is that top left one saying “No Upper Deckers”? Or is that guy squatting over the lower deck?

The thing that always fascinates me … all these things involved someone sitting down, opening up MS Work (or maybe Google Docs) and typing.


Most industrial / institutional toilets don’t have an upper deck…which means it’s telling you not to squat on the seat. Seems unnecessarily restrictive…footprints are probably the least worrisome things to end up on toilet seats…


What a long, strange wiping journey it’s been.


Most industrial / institutional toilets don’t have a diagram on how to properly defecate :slight_smile:

Joking aside, I accept your answer!


The first time I saw shoeprints on a toilet seat, I thought that someone before me had stood on the seat to look into the next enclosure. I was young, and had no idea that people would squat like that whilst on their wiping journeys.


The squatting is a cultural thing apparently.


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