Pastor sprays insecticide on believers to "heal them"


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Your persistent breathing is now cured!


You’d think they’d take the hint from Pastor Bugspray’s facebook photo…


Where can I get some of that spray? That is the most metal name ever. It should be in black can, though.


If you check the active ingredients of that product (D-Phenothrin, Prallethrin, Imiprothrin) they’re all of low toxicity to humans as in this kind of product they should be. Pretty toxic to insects, naturally.

Probably being the kind of person who wants someone to spray you in the face with insecticide is likely such an overriding risk factor for mortality that no amount of exposure to these chemicals would shorten your life expectancy.


There’s a method to his madness.


Evolution in action (in large part because they don’t accept the Theory of Evolution).


but after the prophet sprayed me with Doom I feel coming out of my nose.

That’s a line from a fetish porn movie if I ever heard one.


Well, Phenothrin may cause gynecomastia, but really what organic compound doesn’t?


Come on, you think he should be able to get the quote right:

It’s “If they drink any harmful thing, they shall not be harmed”. It doesn’t mention spraying it in people’s faces.


My first thought here was in my small town in the 80s, there was some sort of drug deal gone bad where a guy got held against his will, beaten up, and had bug spray sprayed in his face. I remember seeing him a month or two later (small town, you see everyone) and his face was literally green. It took him longer to heal the bug spray damage than the broken arm.


Say what you will, but I was afflicted with head lice, and now I am cured!


There’s a Mount Zion above my bike workshop space. I hear them exorcising people sometimes. It goes on for fucking hours. This story does not surprise me.


He learnt it from Dr. Seuss!



Perhaps the pastor is a programmer on weekdays and thought his flock just needed to be debugged to solve their problems.


Should work for scabies.


Yet another example of Raid-ical religious practices harming its (in)sect.

When will we learn that mite does not make right?

This stuff just really bugs me.


"Fantastic Breasts And Where to Find Them "


C’mon man. Keep that up and there’s no way Limpopo is going to get its own version of the 10 plagues. All you’re doing is stalling the second coming of Moses.