Pastry chef tries to make Oreos from scratch

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That’s all well and good but how does one make a firenado?


Easy! Four parts fire to one part tornado.

Somehow I know that one by heart, yet I still have to look up “water, boiled”.

[That sure got off-track quickly. I’ll go watch the Oreos video now.]


I was never very fond of Oreos, but Maple Creme sandwich cookies are tops, though I haven’t tried the Hatch Chile & Sweet Lime ones yet (Central Market brand).

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I don’t like Oreos, but I really really wish that was my job.

I tried again, but I still can’t watch these videos. It’s partly her voice, partly the rambling way she does the video, like there’s no real plan and she’s going off the fly which extends the video longer than it needs to be and a huge part is trying to watch someone prepare food with hair all loose like that.

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