Pathological loudmouth Elon Musk suddenly goes mute when asked about his relationship with Putin

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Hmmm maybe Musk received a good midnight slap down during his recent DC visit.

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Long long ago in a different job we called these people “telephone Superman”, as we’d be talking to someone and this person would grab or be passed the phone and start going in with two feet. I had a guy who worked for me who would get the biggest grin on his face when he got one because he loved tearing them down.


I’m all for a journalist asking Musk tough questions, but phrased like that, it’s obvious he was neither expecting nor wanting a reply. I would rather see an old school Mike Wallace style interview where the interviewer asks him tough, but legitimate questions that wouldn’t be so easy to just brush aside. Obviously, Musk isn’t going to sit down with a modern day Mike Wallace (do we even have someone like that?), but a question like “Explain why you thought it was acceptable to shut down Starlink when you did” or “You implied it was the Biden Administration’s decision to disable Starlink. Can you provide evidence of that?” Give him some rope and let him hang himself instead of asking him an incendiary question he can easily just not respond to.


I think he models himself as Henry Ford. Henry Ford: American Icon, Businessman, And Staunch Nazi Sympathizer


Elmo is Putin’s STOOGE, even if he doesn’t know it. Exactly like Trump.


Ruben Bolling thinks so, too:


As someone put it on Xitter, Musk has gone from being the Henry Ford of our age (admired, revolutionary car manufacturer) to being the Henry Ford of our age (anti-semitic Nazi sympathiser).


I’m going to go with a useful shorthand I heard from somewhere else on the intertubes.

“As someone x-creted…”


Huh, I never noticed what a punchable face Musk has. Truly, he has a Backpfeifengesicht.


… AFAIK Ford didn’t just buy existing companies and then take credit for their work though :confused:


Well, it’s sort of like Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.

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He really could use that approach on the regular. But the press is too scared of him.


You know, there are a lot of self-centered asshole tech CEOs. But Musk seems intent on standing out even among those, as a bigger asshole than most.


He and his bodyguards appear to be dressed alike. Honestly, I’m surprised that the bearded guards were not ordered to shave, bettering Musk’s odds at staying alive while being out in the open.

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Well, it’s complicated

Any guesses what’s going on with Musk holding his jacket away from his body with his right hand? Almost looked like prepping with one hand to pull a pistol out of a shoulder harness carry with the other. Of course he had at least a 3 person security detail with him, so that would seem to be something he would outsource.

That was really strange.

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