Patient's fart in surgery causes fire, severe burns


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Do you smell gas?


Having lit a fart or two in my day, I call BS.


Well, given that I already have to fast before surgery this is going to mean new rules all over the place…


No baked beans for at least two days before.


Engineers from Soylent were unavailable for comment.


Wait a minute; “eventually(?)”



Since it was in Japan…


How did I get to this thread before @Donald_Petersen?


He’s still in recovery?


Oh no there might have been pure oxygen around as well. If it is being inhaled then it is being exhaled into the room. I read about a patient having throat surgery who caught fire because he was being given oxygen.


I share @Mister44’s scepticism about the small amount of methane being the major culprit; but ‘surgical fires’ are most definitely a thing; often thanks to the various gasses involved in anesthesia, as you note.

As the line “Fuel source (e.g., surgical drapes, alcohol-based skin preparation agents, the patient)” suggests; You Do Not Want one to happen to you.


Sh, you smell that?


Seems today is the anniversary of when I joined the Happy Mutants. I have a cake!


but ‘surgical fires’ are most definitely a thing;

Absolutely. Cauterizer plus alcohol is always a popular combination.


“We’re sorry to bother you while you are recovering, but we’d like to discuss a financial opportunity with you. Are you familiar with gene patenting?”


More than likely there was no fart; somebody just left something in the way of the laser that caught fire, like the cover thingie with the hole in it, creating a panic which in turn resulted in burnt curtains.


Sounds more like some kind of perforation of the gastrointestinal tract. A fart would be pretty far away from the surgical field.


So that’s what it means! I asked BB but got no reply. I guess it’s an intelligence test. :confused:


I was on the mix stage… but I’m awfully glad you brought my attention to it! :heart_eyes:

I agree that it was perfectly plausible with the presence of oxygen plus biomethane, but mostly because I want it to be true. Not that she was injured, no, that was wholly regrettable and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

But a small, evil, nasty part of me wants us all to worry about farts during laser surgery.