Patrick Costello: the deaf copyfighting Merry God of Banjo



I just got a banjo for Christmas and have doubtlessly been doing irreparable harm to my future growth and development by not discovering these videos sooner. Cheers.

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I love the way this guy plays the banjo, and I think he’s got a great personality. But as a man with several deaf people in his family, a professional sign language interpreter, and a music teacher, let me state very clearly for the record: This man is not deaf.

But, as I said, he seems like a cool guy.

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Well, I wondered why his speech was so good, but he does state that he has a hearing implant. So, no longer deaf.

Josh Turknett’s videos are also excellent if you’re interested in learning old-time banjo -

Well, he was deaf, until he got his hearing restored. And up until 2009, it sounds like he was, indeed, deaf. And it sounds like he taught himself to play the banjo and guitar when he was deaf, as far as I can tell. So yes, nit picking in that he is not currently deaf, but still no less of an accomplishment.

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