Patronizing mid-1970s training film explains why it's time to sell Chryslers to women

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It still seemed like a novelty to the (entrenched throwback) salesmen of 80s and 90s vehicles. “Look here, little lady; there’s a lighted mirror behind the driver’s side visor!” “Can you reach that big pedal?”

I cringed my way through Honda, Ford, and Saturn purchases. My 2000 Miata dealer treated me like a smart human, though. No smarm, no shakedown, no “gotta talk to the…”", just a spirited test drive, a follow up phone chat about price negotiation, and paperwork drawn up to my requested out-the-door price.

I walked in, signed in 3 places, handed over a check, and left with the car. It was a glorious day for a buyer of any gender.


The video communicates a lot about how car dealerships were back then, when this is their attempt at selling the message “Don’t be sexist when selling cars”.



A number of years ago, my wife needed to replace her car. She did her research, and decided to by a Toyota Corolla. She went to the local dealership, walked in, ready to buy. Nobody would wait on her. None of the salespeople spoke to her. She kept looking and looking for someone to take her money, but none of them could be bothered. It was like none of them - male or female - could even see her.

Finally, a man she hadn’t seen before came out of the back area at the dealership, noticed her, and asked if she needed assistance. She thanked him and said “Yes, I am here to buy a car.” It turns out he was there picking something up from his office - it was his day off, and he wasn’t even supposed to have been there that day. He got the commission because he was willing to pay attention to her when none of the others could be bothered.

I’d like to think things have improved since then, but there are lots of things I’d like that probably won’t ever happen… I’m glad your experience was good, though!


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