Watch the original DeLorean pitch to auto dealers


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fiberglass laminate body panels. Huh.


There’s a completely random dig at wives at 3:35. And what’s with the weird reverb on the VO?


The soundtrack is inspired.

“Ladies and gentlemen: the DeLorean sports car!” [tuba fart]


The reverb made me suspect that it’s been slowed down a little for some reason. Upping the video speed to 1.25 made it sound more normal.

On an unrelated note, “ample head and legroom” is laughable. I was barely able to stuff my six-foot frame into one of these, and would have had to drive hunched over with my knees almost up to my chest. I guess people were a lot shorter, even just a few decades ago?


John DeLorean himself was supposedly 6’4" tall.


It might have been a pretty ugly ass car, but many of it’s features were ahead of it’s time


Same here. I remember feeling a bit claustrophobic driving this car. Plus the windshield was so slanted it created a very limited field of vision. Cool to look at though!


“Like shopping for wallpaper with your wife”? Oh, where do we even begin to unpack that line… and the assumption about who it’s being delivered to…

I usually worry that American society may be degrading back to the 1950’s, but I don’t think we want to live in the 80’s either. How about 2016? That seems like a good save point to start over from.


Oh God, that torture-music!


Yea, the VHS was a bit damaged fro play. At one point towards the end it sped up for a few seconds, sounding normal.

Unrelatedly: The only issue with the DeLorean was that it was designed in the 80’s. De gustibus non est disputandum and all, but the late 70’s early 80’s were a low point in American design in my opinion. I mean,
compare this:

to this:

You can’t.

80’s really sucked for car design, IMO.


There were quite a few issues:
too slow
too expensive
the engine’s position meant less than perfect handling


12 comments in, and no BttF references?

I am disappoint.



Beauty is in the eye etc. I happen to think it’s a great looking car!

Agree with @Ambiguity about the Mustang though. That redesign was on par with the Mustang II for horribleness. And to top it off, the Probe, another ugly-ass car, was supposedly to be the new Mustang, but someone said “no, we need to save the Mustang name for this other awful design”


Those are the doors of a billionaire though.


Make very sure your save point is prior to November 8.


If only there was some way to have made this comment earlier…


Don’t mess with the timeline, bro; it rarely ends well…


With a time machine, though, you could just keep changing things until you end up in a fabulously-rich-and/or-famous timeline.

Or disappear in a puff of smoke…

But to make an time omelette, you have to unbreak some eggs.


Ha ha!