Paul Bunyan pinball table ad

I don’t think I ever saw a Paul Bunyan pinball table in the wild, but it’s a beaut. June 28~Paul Bunyan Day READ THE REST

I love how they worked in a love interest for Bunyan, even if she’s only big enough to tug on his lapels.

You could still find cute / innocent pinball machines in older arcades (the kind you’d find in Long Island beach towns) in the 70s. Old reliables that sat in a back corner next to “manual” first person shooters.

The OLDEST I pinball machine I remember was in an arcade in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. It was cutesy-bunny themed, and cost a nickel, which even then (1972?) seemed like an amazing deal.

I wonder what kind of magazines or other media this ad would have appeared in.


But, seriously, there were / are actual trade journals for arcade owners:

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It’s a playable table.

A talented fan community of artists, programmers, and pinball lovers create and recreate pinball. google: future pinball paul bunyan, and go from there.

I think they make some cool work.

I figured there must have been.

I really had my eyes opened at college where they got copies of “Institutions Monthly” or something along those lines. It was a magazine directed at places which served food to large numbers of people. Seeing ads that “regular people” weren’t supposed to see was fascinating.

I never saw one of these either. But back in the day, we never called them “pinball tables”, but “pinball machines”, maybe that was just a Midwest thing?

BTW- still really not liking the new comment system. Where is Antinous?

Here it is in all its electromechanical action glory:

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Six Flippers and no Babe?
Someone at Gottlieb evidently prefers dolphins to oxen.

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The artist said to the art director, “I put in a babe, just like you said to”.


There are 6,751 members of the Vintage Arcade Preservation Society, 5,790 whom participate in our arcade census project of games owned, wanted, or for sale. Census data currently includes 91,476 machines (4,740 unique titles).

Owned - There are no known instances of this game owned by one of our members.

Wanted - No members have added this machine to their wish list.

Sorry to be “that guy”, but it’s a Pinball Machine, not a table.

The Manufacturers themselves refer to them as machines, and always have. I don’t know where this “table” nomenclature came from but it is incorrect. Besides, they make terrible tables what with their slanted glass tops and all.

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