Paul Rudd has been handing out cookies to Brooklyn voters waiting in rain

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Is this the right way to attract the voters.

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Well, if they are standing in line to vote, they are already voters, are they not?

Seems like it’s not about attracting voters so much as it is about encouraging the ones there to stick around to vote.


It’s a lovely gesture by Mr. Rudd.

Also, I need a Blueberry 'n Cream cookie in my life ASAP.


Amazingly, Paul Rudd is one of the few people who, while wearing a mask, still looks like Paul Rudd. Great gesture on his part, wish I’d been in that line.


Food helps…

"…the advent of the secret ballot, as well as the 75-foot rule — which prohibits electioneering close to where people cast their ballots — set in motion a decline in voter turnout. Turnouts that had been in the 70, 75, and even 80 percent range fell steadily into what it is now: around 55 percent, give or take.

In 2005 to 2006, and again from 2016 to 2018, Green and a team of collaborators — including, in the recent elections, the nonprofit Civic Nation’s #VoteTogether initiative — studied the effects of poll parties on voter turnout using randomized experiments held in different geographic areas, across a range of socioeconomic and ethnic profiles. They held festivals near neighborhood polling sites during early voting or on Election Day. The events, which were advertised beforehand, took the form of neighborhood block parties, barbecues, or marches to the polls, and included food, family-friendly entertainment, dance troupes, face painting, and games, per Green.

The researchers saw an impact: an average turnout increase of 2 percentage points (even taking into consideration the fact that rain affected many of the outdoor events). The festivals had an even bigger impact at early voting sites and in high-profile races, such as the 2016 presidential election. Furthermore, the findings appeared to show that festivals held one year had a “persistent effect” on turnout in subsequent elections, suggesting that there could be long-term habit-forming effects."

“The role that food plays in that varies, depending on the setting. In Green’s 2005 to 2006 trials, in more affluent areas, food was a “bonus,” but not necessarily the major feature. However, in lower-income environments — which are often more impacted by voter suppression, and thus, long lines at the polls — the food attracted bigger crowds. Green identifies two possible reasons: one being the value of a guaranteed meal; the other, the social aspect of an event with food, fun, and lots of people.”


I have a policy of not accepting free food from strangers on the streets- especially in NY.

Still - good on you Paul.


He’d have been in trouble if he’d been giving out masks.


Every partner I’ve ever dated has had a crush on Paul Rudd (the number of partners is low but still…). I used to be jealous of him but over time I too have developed this crush.


Oh come on now! Paul Rudd can’t be that nice!?
I’ve heard he tortures kittens in a dark shed for fun… really people!!!

Well Tom Hanks, it looks like the gauntlet has been thrown down. There’s a new charmingly self-effacing comedy good guy in town.

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We’ve got some footage of the event:

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Paul, is that you?

Maybe it’s someone else who looks amazingly like Paul Rudd from the cheekbones and up. And sounds like him when his voice is muffled by a mask.

I wonder if that means you either have Paul Rudd energy, or vague resemblance. And the more publicly lovable he gets, you may get some love dividends.

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