To share or not to share who you vote for: Howard Stern Show's Ronnie "the limo driver" won't budge

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I take issue with one statement in the post… the purpose of the secret ballot is NOT “To avoid: Backlash. Feuds. Judgment.” It is to prevent the purchase of votes. That’s why you aren’t supposed to take a picture of your ballot, and a good percentage of states have even made it illegal. The reasons presented are just side benefits.


Cut away all the dead language and all this is is a story about a person who made some terrible political choices and is angrily refusing to come to terms with that now. I’m sorry but trying to glorify this sulky, stubborn, spineless behavior as some noble throw back to a better age doesn’t work.


Hit the nail on the head. He’s only in an impossible position because he put himself in one, by voting for a contemptable human for the highest office in the country. If admitting you made a mistake would “eat you alive”, perhaps you are too fragile to be an adult human.


I guess the new civility is hectoring your friends and co-workers about stuff that isn’t any of your business.
It’s like Miss Manners has said “eh, f*ck it, I’m eating the raspberry sorbet intermezzo with my hands.”

There’s also a tinge of “polite people don’t get involved in politics” here which is an old privilege-blind trope. You can conveniently not be bothered by politics when everything is going your way and nobody will take away your rights if you blink.

“Not caring about politics” is an immense privilege.


Whether someone decides to divulge who or what they support is truly their own business, but I mostly agree with you. One important issue not mentioned is that having secret ballots is helpful in abusive relationships. Not too long ago there was a time when husbands used to instruct their wives about their voting choices.

Totally agree with this!


He’s 100% voting for Trump.

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I love Howard, but hate Ronnie’s fucking guts. Such a douchebag, so defensive. Praised for his sexual prowess (who gives a shit), and his voice goes up two octaves every time.

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